Low-Income Schools See Big Benefits in Teaching Mindfulness

In our busy distracted lives, sometimes it is hard to slow down and focus. I recently learned how to practice mindfulness, the focusing of awareness and attention through breathing, at a local college. I find I can concentrate more and feel less stress when I remember to practice. I read with interest Katirna Schwartz’s article on Mind/Shift, about teaching mindfulness to children... Read More

“Teaching Up”… great strategies for new Core Academic Standards

A half century ago our nation struggled with the issue of integration and simply allowing equal access to education for all students.  Today, however, our challenge is much greater.  In our highly technological world, schools must not only provide equal access, but must provide equal access to excellent teaching.   Research has proved over and over again that quality teaching... Read More

21st Century Schools

Interest in best practices and strategies for school reform and innovation is at an all-time  high.  Bob Pearlman has been a key leader of educational reform efforts nationally and is the Director of Strategic Planning for the nation’s  largest network of innovative 21st Century Schools. These  schools may be valuable resources and be very  beneficial in your planning.  Read More

Teach Students To Be Innovators

Have you ever wondered how or why some people have become  successful innovators and others have not?  Do you  question what  impacts student achievement and their ability to be successful beyond the classroom? After reading Tony Wagner’s The Global Achievement Gap and hearing him speak at the Innovation Summit in Lexington this past November, I have paused to think... Read More

To Teach To Test Or Not

Is there really a problem teaching to the test? With all the changes our education system is undergoing and with the test scores getting ready to come out, I have listened to friends and others complain about the new Common Core and schools only teaching to the test.  I read an article in Ed Week by Stu Silberman from the Prichard Committee titled, Teaching to the Test: Is it a... Read More


Many of my teacher friends and I are addicted to the website/smartphone app, Pinterest.  If you are “on Pinterest” already you understand the appeal, but it is difficult to explain the magic of Pinterest to the non-user.  Nonetheless, I will attempt to do so.  Imagine a place to dream, imagine, and plan–a place where you can get ideas from others with similar... Read More

Sustaining Success: The Mesquite Elementary Story

One of the great challenges for schools is ensuring that all students master essential skills and knowledge before moving on to the next level.  This is especially important in areas like math where students must understand and demonstrate proficiency in topics before they can build on that knowledge. Mesquite Elementary in Tuscon, Arizona designed a special program to improve... Read More


Across the Commonwealth teachers are using Formative Assessment to evaluate student learning and then to modify and improve instruction. W.James Popham in an article about Formative Assessment in Education Week claims: “Recent reviews of more than 4,000 research investigations show clearly that when this process is well implemented in the classroom, it can essentially double... Read More

Science-Showing What You Know

Many times when we assess students in science, the results show they have mastered the content knowledge, when in fact, they have gaps in understanding.  For some it is easy to memorize and respond with correct information.  However, when asked to respond with illustrations, it becomes clear that cycles and processes are not fully understood. Teachers at the elementary level often... Read More

‘Tis the Season to be Gifted

During the holiday season many of us are hustling and bustling about trying to find just the right gift for those special people in our lives. We find ourselves browsing through catalogs, surfing the internet or wandering through the mall going from store to store, in hopes of finding a gift that fits each person on our list uniquely. Perhaps our gift choice will be one that relates... Read More


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