For elementary and middle schools using MAP as a diagnostic tool, KASC has created additional reports to show growth and correlate with Kentucky standards.


Why use KASC’s MAP package?

  • Track student/class progress over the course of the school year
  • See RIT scores, percentiles and KY performance levels on one page
  • Performance levels are automatically color coded based on correlation study
  • Winter scores are included and consistent with cut scores for fall and spring
  • K-1 cut scores and performance levels have been created based on 2nd grade percentiles
  • Cut scores correlates to NWEA’s new linking study (MAP to K-PREP)


For teachers:

  • Fast and easy: enter students’ names, RIT scores, and percentiles from your NWEA class report
  • Growth by RIT score will automatically be calculated
  • Spreadsheet will automatically color code novice, apprentice, proficient, and distinguished

For principals:

  • See student progress over time after teachers complete their class report
  • Generate comparison graphs by grade level based on RIT scores and percentiles
  • Generate class comparison reports showing growth in mean RIT score over the course of a school year


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