Growth Mindset Workshops

Whether you are an experienced growth mindset school/classroom or just beginning the process, KASC’s workshops will provide strategies to teach your students how to develop a growth mindset for life.


BOOK NOW!  DEVELOPING A GROWTH MINDSET CLASSROOM  During this 6-hour workshop, educators will rethink what makes students successful. The research of Carol Dweck helps professionals realize that talent and ability can be developed through dedicated effort, deliberate practice, and time devoted to improvement. Participants will leave this interactive experience ready to teach students and fellow staff members how to develop a growth mindset for life. Activities focus on the following components:

  • The science behind growth mindset
  • What and how to teach about how the brain learns
  • Growth mindset traits (effort, motivation, persistence, resilience, etc.)
  • How to use Growth Mindset praise
  • How to use quality feedback for improvement


BOOK NOW! GROWTH MINDSET: A GAME CHANGER FOR LEARNING — Growth Mindset is defined as the belief that intelligence can be developed with persistence, effort, and focus on improvement. During this 3-hour session, participants will gain an understanding of how a focus on growth mindset helps all students perform, and struggle/mistakes actually help the brain. When students focus on improvement, it can be a game changer for student success. This workshop will provide specific strategies to use in the classroom and practical ways to get buy-in from students, parents, and school staff. Based on the research of Carol Dweck and Mary Cay Ricci.



BOOK NOW!  5 PROVEN WAYS TO INCREASE ACHIEVEMENT  What factors really help students achieve in school? New programs and initiatives come and go, but the compilation of research studies can point educators in the right direction toward improved student achievement. This 6-hour workshop is based on the work of renowned educator, author, and researcher Eric Jensen. During this action-packed workshop, participants will gain strategies for implementing 5 proven factors that increase achievement:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Relationships
  • Student Engagement
  • Feedback
  • Cognitive Skill Building (with emphasis on Working Memory)


BOOK NOW! PROVEN WAYS TO INCREASE ACHIEVEMENTBased on the research of Eric Jensen, this 3-hour session introduces high-effect size factors that promote student achievement: growth mindset, relationships, feedback, and student engagement. These factors will be explored and strategies will be shared for school-wide impact or for individual teacher implementation. Participants will understand how these factors impact achievement and walk away with strategies to implement in their classroom/school to raise student achievement.


BOOK NOW! EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK TO IMPROVE LEARNING — Learn research-based strategies for feedback that propels learners forward. This 3-hour session allows participants to apply the characteristics of effective feedback and provides practice and tools for giving feedback to students.


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