Pick 3 Academy

KASC’s Pick 3 Academy offers a fresh format with original ideas for teaching and learning and an update on the assessment system with Rhonda Sims from KDE. 

You will leave with information, strategies, and tools you can use immediately to make dramatic improvements with students.

Academy Date and Location

Thursday, February 15, 2018
8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Lexington, KY
NorthEast Christian Church

Academy Pricing

KASC Members $100
Non-Members $200

Academy Schedule

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 1.03.20 PM


Academy Sessions Descriptions
Choose one topic for each of the three sessions:

Session 1

Addressing the Impact of Stress and Motivation on Learning — Participants will better understand stressors and learn what truly motivates students while receiving first-hand experience using strategies to minimize stress and maximize motivation in order to provide the best possible learning environment.

Instructional Strategies for Student Engagement (Choose either Elementary or Middle/High) — Engaging young students in content and maintaining that engagement in any content area are essential to make learning challenging, meaningful, and interesting. Gain effective strategies to use for varied instructional purposes: teaching concepts, processing content, learning cooperatively, and energizing instruction.


Session 2

Brain-Based Ways to Learn and Study — Interact with KASC’s student tool that provides 18 strategies to maximize learning. Participants will learn how to use the tool with students to help them learn in the classroom, prepare to study independently, and gain strategies for test warm-up.

Differentiated Instruction Made Easy — Do you ever take a different route to get to a familiar destination? Differentiating instruction involves the same idea. Learn ways to differentiate and develop strategies that are proven effective for meeting the needs of all students.

Leadership 411 — Effective leadership in a school falls on principals, counselors, teacher leaders, and SBDM council members. Learning how to lead by example and promoting successful teamwork are essential for school growth. Join this session to become more skilled as a school leader.


Session 3

Paving the Path to Long-Term Memory — To ensure that learning has the opportunity to be retained in long-term memory, learners need to give conscious attention, make meaning and/or connect to existing knowledge, take time to process, and have repetition and practice. Participants will learn to use instructional strategies that help students retain learning.

The Brain-Compatible Classroom — Decades of research on brain-based instruction can be categorized by 3 main components: Instructional Techniques, Feedback, and Environment. In this session, learn instructional techniques that focus on meaning, movement, challenge, and variety to incorporate these brain-based components in your classroom.




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