The information for the required SBDM open records form is on the Kentucky Attorney General’s website.

There are four steps that must be met in the distribution of the open meeting/open minutes materials:

1.  Distribute written materials
You must distribute Your Duty Under Law (190k PDF) and Managing Government Records (154k PDF), either electronically or in hard copy, to each newly elected school council member within sixty days of their election or appointment.

2.  Obtain signatory proof of receipt
You must obtain signed proof from each member that he or she received the documents.

3.  Maintain the Certificates of Receipt on your agency’s premises as part of your agency’s records. DO NOT RETURN CERTIFICATES OF RECEIPT TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.

4.  Return only certificate of distribution to the Attorney General
You must return only the Certificate of Distribution (21k PDF) to the Office of the Attorney General after the lower portion of the certificate is completed.


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