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NEW FOR 2015:

BOOK NOW! K-PREP STRATEGIES TO INCREASE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT  K-PREP assesses student mastery of the standards, and this workshop focuses on immediate and long-term strategies to improve teaching, motivate students and implement rigorous standards. 


NEW DIY! ACCOMPLISHED TEACHERS POWER SESSION SERIES – A series of five power sessions designed for PLC meetings, faculty meetings, or other professional learning sessions. Training materials and a facilitator guide are included for each of the five Domain 3 components. Each session includes specific strategies to help teachers become ACCOMPLISHED.



BOOK NOW! WHAT ACCOMPLISHED TEACHERS DO: Instructional Strategies for Increasing Performance Level – As teachers implement the Kentucky Framework for Teaching in TPGES, they find that Domain 3: Instruction directly impacts student learning every day.  KASC has researched and compiled strategies to help teachers improve their performance level in the area of Instruction.

BOOK NOW! TEACHER PGES IMPLEMENTATION TOOLS (Professional Growth and Effectiveness System) – As we embark on this new system, it is important for teachers to understand the components.  In this 6 hour workshop, teachers and administrators will engage with the content and take their knowledge to a deeper level in order to improve teacher effectiveness and also student achievement.


EFFECTIVE PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP FOR COUNCILS – This workshop, available to Principals only, provides resources to meet the SBDM legal requirements and to lead your council to proficiency.  Participants will receive our updated Principal Organizer for free.   Topics covered include: Legal basics, Policies, Election, Planning, Budgets.


BOOK NOW! EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PARAEDUCATORS  — Paraeducators are valuable team members in classroom instruction; Their daily work with students is critical in a school’s goal of improving student achievement.  In this 3 hour workshop, participants will receive research based strategies for building positive relationships with students and their collaborating teachers, as well as learn specific instructional strategies to use with students. Do not miss out on this opportunity to make sure your entire team has the necessary skills to improve student achievement!


BOOK NOW! EFFECTIVE PROGRAM REVIEWLearn strategies to strengthen your program review while making the process more effective.  In this 3 hour session, for teachers and principals, we will walk you through the Program Review Action Steps, SBDM responsibilities, Evidence Collection and Organization and much more.  You will also leave with our newly updated Program Review Kit, for free: giving you an incredible step-by-step guide to go back and complete your Program Review.


BOOK NOW! ADVANCED ASSESSMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: Strategic Approaches to Success and Understanding InnovationIn our next level of Assessment & Accountability we help participants look more deeply into state testing system including including the adjustments to the system.  This session will give specific ideas of  how to strategically approach state testing and student learning by teaching standards so students can learn, teaching kids how to learn (it’s not just talent), and thinking about innovation in your schools and districts. This session is also available for experienced SBDM training.

BOOK NOW! HIGHER LEVEL MULTIPLE CHOICELearn more criteria for judging the quality of questions from other sources and/or developing your own questions.  In this 3-hour session we will provide specific strategies for raising the level and quality of questions and will also review models of high-level questions.  Since multiple-choice questions make up the largest part of student assessments, it is especially important to keep those questions at the highest-level possible!  *Connection to Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System — Higher-level questioning and thinking are specifically listed in the Evidence of Teaching descriptors.           


BOOK NOW! HIGHER LEVEL THINKING AND LEARNING — Closing the Gap for All Students — The research is overwhelming, all students CAN learn at higher levels.  In this session you will learn why that is true and how to help students be more successful.  Participants will receive specific research-based strategies for raising the level of thinking for all students and closing the achievement gap.   *Connection to Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System — Higher-level questioning and thinking are specifically listed in the Evidence of Teaching descriptors.      


BOOK NOW! ASSESSMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY (Updated 2013) Get a firm handle on Kentucky’s overhauled testing system as well as the state’s approach to measuring student, school, and district performance. This session gives councils and schools a strong understanding of the main elements of the new system and covers important issues like achievement gaps, academic growth, and benchmarks for college- and career-readiness. This workshop also covers plans for new measures of teacher effectiveness, graduation rates, and more. (Also approved for SBDM credit.)


BOOK NOW! CONSTRUCTED-RESPONSE IN THE CLASSROOM — Learn to apply quality of instruction along with effective higher level questioning to ensure your students engagement and increase their knowledge.  In this updated Constructed-Response PD, you will learn the importance of high expectations, rigor and instructional relevance.

Read what Karen Cobb, Language Arts Teacher at Lebanon Middle School says about our newly updated Constructed-Response PD Workshop. “Normally, after teaching all day the thought of a two hour workshop would be just frightening.  To my surprise, the KASC workshop that Mrs. Keene presented reenergized my teacher perspective.  I was so focused on implementing the strategies that she gave, that I looked over my lesson plans the next day and tweaked my lesson to include the new information.  Analyzing constructed responses really helped me focus my vocabulary instruction within my prompts.  I found the handouts very useful and look forward to the second part of this training.”


BOOK NOW! ON-DEMAND WRITING — Accurately assess your students’ learning in a real-world context. On-demand writing is a component of the statewide testing system that measures students’ writing skills. This three-hour session offers thought-provoking information, strategies, tools, and a chance to reflect about writing instruction. Become better prepared to instruct the craft of writing in all content area classrooms.


BOOK NOW! STUDYING YOUR SCORES — The first step in moving your school forward is understanding your data.  Our Studying Your Scores session takes participants through state accountability scores step by step, helping schools understand where the scores came from and what they need to focus on.  Large, colorful graphs generated from your school report card are used to help your teachers and council members analyze the data, identify strengths, determine areas of concern and focus on next steps.


BOOK NOW! RIGOR: STEP IT UP! — Designed to help classroom teachers raise the expectations and level of content in their classrooms. Participants will leave knowing how to provide challenging learning experiences and plan lessons that motivate and engage their students.

BOOK NOW! COLLABORATION: IT’S A PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIP — Learn to effectively implement inclusion and work together as professionals. Our new research-based three-hour Collaboration Workshop will prepare you to successfully implement a collaborative model for special education that will ensure success for all students.

BOOK NOW! FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT — A key to success for individual students is using classroom assessment to guide instruction. This six-hour session looks at many types of classroom assessment so teachers can monitor student progress toward academic goals and learn ways to better meet student needs. Tools and resources are provided to help make this process easier and more efficient, while still valuing individual learners. (Can be abridged to three hours.)

BOOK NOW! PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES — Organized around the three main components of creating an effective learning community: Purpose — ensuring that all students learn, Process — creating a team approach, and Focus — aiming toward student results. Participants will learn to establish a continuous cycle of developing common assessments, planning instruction, teaching, and analyzing results. This session will provide step-by-step directions and practical tools for creating a collaborative community in your school to ensure that students learn.

BOOK NOW! CLOSING THE DISABILITY GAP — Many schools statewide have closed the achievement gap for students with disabilities! Explore strategies from successful schools and respected research. This workshop, a six-hour professional development session, includes hands-on learning and step-by-step instruction, and provides teaching strategies that will help all students achieve.

BOOK NOW! DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION — All students learn in different ways. This workshop addresses components central to teaching students in the ways they learn best: respect of every individual, growth for every student, intertwining of assessment and instruction, and teacher modification of instruction. The six-hour session can be abridged to three hours.

BOOK NOW! ALL-STAR STRATEGIES — We pull key ideas from a wide variety of education literature and leaders and delivers them to you in this six-hour session (can be adapted to three hours). Strategies are organized around Robert Marzano’s research-based classic, “What Works in Schools: Translating Research Into Action.” Learn what experts and research says and how to apply it in your school.

QUICK PD: Do-It-Yourself ONE-HOUR POWER SESSIONS — Or we will be happy to come lead it for you!

PD sessions tailored to the time you really have available. We give you the materials, facilitator’s guide and guidance you need to transform an hour-long faculty meeting into a powerful learning experience.

TEACHING VOCABULARY — A spin-off of our popular vocabulary toolkits, we’ve packaged quick lessons ideal for staff development. Get your staff focused on research-based vocabulary strategies and lead them in a step-by-step process for covering academic vocabulary. Designed for use in a faculty meeting or on an early-dismissal day.

MARZANO BASICS — Based on Robert Marzano’s “Classroom Instruction That Works,” this Power Session presents research-backed strategies for improving student achievement, along with their connections to current brain research.

SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES — Marzano found that identifying similarities and differences is one of the most effective instructional practices — and when used correctly, this strategy results in substantially higher test scores. Learn how.

NON-LINGUISTIC REPRESENTATIONS — Marzano’s research pinpoints non-linguistic representations as a strategy allowing students to learn, extend, and demonstrate their knowledge through models, pictures, graphics, and movement. Great for addressing a variety of learning styles. Pairs nicely with Similarities & Differences.


ANALYZING STUDENT WORK — Working together to analyze actual student work is one of the most powerful ways to improve student learning. This three-hour session guides educators in how to use the Standards in Practice model developed by the Education Trust as a tool for improving teaching and learning. The strong connections between analyzing student work and meeting the expectations of the Standards and Indicators for School Improvement are also addressed.


BRAIN-COMPATIBLE TEACHING AND LEARNING — This three-hour session packs in hands-on learning, and strategies teachers can use immediately! See what research tells us about how people learn. Discuss how to create the best learning environment, choose new strategies for your classroom, discover your own learning style with our popular learning style inventories, and learn how to provide ongoing feedback to students beyond the usual grading of work. Give your classroom a mini-makeover!



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