Understanding what all students should know and be able to do is a key to getting results in schools — the central task of school councils. KASC is a leader in developing products that make Academic Standards easier to understand and deliver.

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KOSSA CHECKLIST  – Updated for 2017-2018! Our checklist has everything you need to keep track of all skill standards, for each of the 36 career pathways, in one binder.  Each pathway is organized by skills needed in the areas of Academic, Employability, and Occupations. Easily keep track of how each skill is being delivered, item-by-item. We’ve also included a place for notes/dates.  See a Sample  MEMBERS $50; NON-MEMBERS $100


KENTUCKY LEARNING TARGET ORGANIZER — KASC’s Learning Target Organizer lists all the standards with their corresponding deconstructed learning targets in one spiral-bound book.

FOR TEACHERS: Each standard includes space for writing the student-friendly targets and congruent formative assessment strategies.  The E/LA and Math teacher organizers come spiral-bound and are sold by grade level and subject (example: First Grade English/Language Arts) MEMBERS $25; NON-MEMBERS $50

FOR PRINCIPALS/INSTRUCTIONAL COACHES: The organizer designed for instructional leaders puts all the school’s Academic Standards for English/Language Arts, along with the corresponding learning target, at an instructional coach’s or principal’s fingertips. Provides an easy-to-reference list when working on curriculum planning and alignment. Get spiral bound copies for K-5, 6-8 or High School. MEMBERS $40; NON-MEMBERS $80

FOR STUDENTS: Our student versions of the organizers  provide the standard and include a place for students to write down student-friendly targets and a space for note-taking. Each Student Organizer also includes vocabulary words and definitions for the subject. The student organizers are sold by grade level and subject (example: First Grade English/Language Arts) Teachers receive 1 hard copy, of two versions, with rights to copy for their school only. MEMBERS $15; NON-MEMBERS $30


KENTUCKY  ACADEMIC STANDARDS VOCABULARY CARDS — Each card is two-sided, with the Academic Standards term on one side, and a user-friendly definition on the other. Additionally, each word is coded so you’ll know exactly which subsection of the Academic Standards it can be found in, and labeled according to the grade level at which it may be assessed. Each set of cards comes with suggested games/activities for teaching vocabulary with the visual and kinesthetic learner in mind. The cards are sold by school level (Elementary, Middle or High) and subject (English/Lang Arts, Math, and Science). The cards will arrive uncut, so that they can easily be laminated before cutting. MEMBERS $60; NON-MEMBERS $90 


REVISED! VOCABULARY TOOLKIT Provides classroom teaching strategies and activities for solid vocabulary instruction based on Kentucky Academic Standards. Accompanying CD of all materials includes sortable Excel database of all words and definitions. Use with students in an individual classroom setting, or focus entire staff on research-based strategies for teaching vocabulary with ready-to-use training materials. Toolkit is sold by school level–Elementary, Middle, and High School. Overview for Elem/MS and Overview for HS. MEMBERS $150; NON-MEMBERS $300



KENTUCKY ACADEMIC STANDARDS STUDENT MASTERY GRADEBOOK — Need help keeping track of your students’ progress towards mastery of state math, language arts, or science standards? Our student mastery gradebook checklists let you track who has mastered math, L/A, or science academic standards — student by student and item by item. Use the student gradebook checklist to record the results of formative or summative assessments or as a checklist once students have mastered each item. One gradebook will track the progress of an entire class (up to 30 students) as they gain mastery of all math, L/A, and science academic standards content for the grade level. A spiral-bound list of academic standards allows you to easily keep track of all the pages of your level’s standards with just one class list. Choose your level. Specify math, language arts, or science.  See a Sample  MEMBERS $15; NON-MEMBERS $25


KENTUCKY ACADEMIC STANDARDS CHECKLISTS See all of the state’s standards in math, language arts, and science from the Academic Standards program in a quick, well-organized checklist with room to let you track how these concepts are being delivered, item by item. KASC’s Academic Standards Checklists are great for helping teachers get familiar with the new standards.  The Checklists are also useful for planning formative assessment or quick checks of student learning. Elementary Checklists cover Kindergarten – 5th grades Middle School Checklists cover grades 6-8, High School Checklists cover grades 9-12.  See a Sample  MEMBERS $50;         NON-MEMBERS $80


KENTUCKY  ACADEMIC STANDARDS CARDS — Each standard in math, language arts, and science is listed on its own card. Each set comes with a list of ideas from teachers who have used the for planning and formative assessment. High school cards are sold by subject, MEMBERS $50; NON-MEMBERS $100. Middle school cards are sold by grade level (6,7,8) for math and language arts together and science for all three grades combined. MEMBERS $50; NON-MEMBERS $100. Elementary cards sold by grade level (K,1,2,3,4,5) with all three subjects included.  See a Sample   MEMBERS $30; NON-MEMBERS $55




STUDENT WORK KIT — Engaging and challenging student work is a crucial step in getting to proficiency. It’s mentioned regularly in research and appears at least five times in Kentucky’s Standards and Indicators for School Improvement. Our kit shares a complete process for schools with an analysis tool that help faculty teams begin looking at this issue immediately.  See Overview.  MEMBERS $30; NON-MEMBERS $50



STUDENT WORK ANALYSIS TOOL — After working through the process in our kit described above, some schools want to continue the process with a fresh stock of our analysis tool. This resource is available at a bulk rate. Contact us to find out more.


DISABILITY GAP CARDS — Our achievement gap strategies cards highlight real approaches for serving students flagged when examining disability achievement gaps. Ideas from leaders in boosting student achievement. If you want real strategies for serving students with disabilities, these cards are for you.   See a Sample   MEMBERS $30; NON-MEMBERS $50



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