Our toolkits help your school work through new state expectations while setting a standard of excellence. In recent years, we’ve moved toward products that will build capacity and guide your school through work that will fit your circumstances and needs. Each title comes with a CD full of materials plus a guide to help your council and faculty through planning and decision making.

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NEW! GAP CLOSURE TOOLKIT: Strategic Approaches to Success — KASC’s newest toolkit is a multi-part attack on the achievement gap. The research-based, strategic approaches included in the kit will:

  • Build the case for the belief that “all brains can learn”
  • Demystify what actually happens during learning
  • Attack misinformation about “What is smart?” with facts and relatable learning experiences
  • Give students tools to be stronger learners
  • Change beliefs and actions without extensive training by focusing on student motivation and existing strengths
  • Increase INTENT for every action

The Gap Closure Toolkit will be available for shipping on November 15 and will provide ready-to-use activities and resources for everyone in your school community to close the gap for all students. View kit Overview, Samples, and Index. MEMBERS $150; NON-MEMBERS $300


THE ESSENTIAL SCIENCE NOTEBOOK — Kentucky’s focus on better-quality science standards, instruction, and assessment provides an exciting opportunity to revamp your school’s science courses! The Essential Science Notebook provides teachers with tools and strategies to keep the focus on the classroom learning experience.  The Notebook includes:

  • Engaging resources to reshape the science mindset
  • Quality tools to apply Kentucky’s pilot program principles to MEANINGFUL teaching and learning
  • Step-by-step structure to ensure Classroom Embedded Assessments maximize the potential of formative assessment
  • Wide variety of formative assessment strategies
  • Resources for teaching and learning experiences that achieve the same goals as Through Course Tasks
  • Quality guidelines for developing higher-level, rigorous Summative Assessments for classroom use at the end of a unit

Notebook is available for elementary, middle, and high.  Combined schools will receive a discount for purchasing multiple levels. See Overview and Sample. MEMBERS $100; NON-MEMBERS $200


GROWTH MINDSET TOOLKITA growth mindset can increase test scores, promote deeper learning, enable students to recover from failure, and close achievement gaps. KASC’s Growth Mindset Toolkit provides the resources, strategies, and support needed to develop growth mindset classrooms. Sections of the toolkit include engaging activities for:

  • Building understanding of growth mindset
  • Teaching how the brain learns
  • Reinforcing growth mindset traits
  • Using and teaching growth mindset talk
  • Providing feedback and strategies to improve all student work
  • Creating an environment that supports a growth mindset

This toolkit is great for both experienced growth mindset schools/classrooms and for those just beginning the process. See Overview and Sample.  MEMBERS $150; NON-MEMBERS $300


VOCABKITVOCABULARY TOOLKIT Provides classroom teaching strategies and activities for solid vocabulary instruction based on Kentucky Academic Standards. Accompanying CD of all materials includes sortable Excel database of all words and definitions. Use with students in an individual classroom setting, or focus entire staff on research-based strategies for teaching vocabulary with ready-to-use training materials. Toolkit is sold by school level–Elementary, Middle, and High School.  Overview for Elem/MS and Overview for HS.  MEMBERS $150; NON-MEMBERS $300


ACCOMPLISHED TEACHERS POWER SESSION SERIES – A series of five power sessions designed for PLC meetings, faculty meetings, or other professional learning sessions. Ready-to-use training materials and a facilitator guide are included for each of the five Domain 3 components. Each session includes specific strategies to help teachers become accomplished and beyond.  See Overview.     MEMBERS $150;  NON-MEMBERS $300


 K-PREP KIT — KASC’S K-PREP Toolkit includes immediate and long-term ways to improve teaching, learning, and K-PREP performance.  The kit features strategies for constructed response, multiple choice, and on-demand.  Also included is a timeline with step-by-step directions, as well as test prep and motivational strategies for student success.   View kit Overview and Index for detailed information.  MEMBERS $150; NON-MEMBERS $300


INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR STUDENT ENGAGEMENT KIT — A compilation of best practice teaching strategies organized for use in team meetings, professional learning communities, or on PD days. Provides a step-by-step process for teachers to learn a new strategy, apply it in the classroom, and work together to strengthen the approach.  See Overview.  MEMBERS $75; NON-MEMBERS $150


STUDENT WORK KIT— This toolkit is a valuable resource that assists teachers as they analyze student work to be sure their assignments meet learning standards.  The organization and procedures will save time for any classroom teacher at any level—elementary, middle or high school. Serves as a quick demonstration to principals and content coaches of how learning standards are being met.  Also ideal for use in PLC sessions or department meetings.   See Overview.  MEMBERS $35; NON-MEMBERS $60



Our Professional Learning Kits provide the resources and instructions to help you deliver our popular training sessions. Contact us to learn more.

FORMATIVE (CONTINUOUS) ASSESSMENT — A key to success for individual students is using classroom assessment to guide instruction. Examine many types of classroom assessment so teachers can monitor student progress toward academic goals and learn ways to better meet student needs. Tools and resources are provided to help make this process easier and more efficient, while still valuing individual learners.  View kit Overview and Index.    MEMBERS $150; NON-MEMBERS $300

ALL-STAR STRATEGIES — Look at key ideas from a wide variety of education literature and leaders. Strategies are organized around Robert Marzano’s research-based classic, “What Works in Schools: Translating Research Into Action.” Learn what experts and research says and how to apply it in your school. View kit Overview and Index. MEMBERS $150; NON-MEMBERS $300


ONE HOUR POWER SESSIONSProfessional Learning sessions tailored to the time you really have available.  We give you the materials and guidance you need to transform an hour-long faculty meeting into a powerful learning experience.

MARZANO BASICS — Based on Robert Marzano’s Classroom Instruction that Works, this Power Session presents research-backed strategies for improving student achievement, along with their connections to current brain research. MEMBERS $75; NON-MEMBERS $150

SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES — Marzano found that identifying similarities and differences is one of the most effective instructional practices — and when used correctly this strategy results in substantially higher test scores.  Learn how. MEMBERS $75; NON-MEMBERS $150

NON-LINGUISTIC REPRESENTATION — Marzano’s research pinpoints non-linguistic representations as a strategy allowing students to learn, extend, and demonstrate their understanding through models, pictures, graphics, and movement.  Great for addressing a variety of learning styles.  Pairs nicely with Similarities and Differences. MEMBERS $75; NON-MEMBERS $150

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