We’ve developed a range of tools and resources your council can use to strengthen the essential work you do to get focused on improving student results. In addition to a solid start, we can also show you the steps necessary to do exemplary work.

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ELECTION KIT — Here’s the easy way to run all your elections: all the forms you need to call for nominations, receive nominations, announce candidates, sign in voters and handout ballots, personalized for your school. All materials come with a hard copy and a computer disk to allow any revisions you need to make, and all documents reflect current law and best practices.       Overview      MEMBERS $35; NON-MEMBERS $55


 SBDM ORGANIZER FOR PRINCIPALS — Designed by a former principal and SBDM Coordinator, the material covers all pertinent council issues, from legal requirements to meeting guidelines and election rules. This must-have resource includes Redbook regulations for SBDM Councils as well as information regarding assessment and accountability. An experienced principal who reviewed the organizer found it to be one of the best resources for navigating laws and regulations with SBDM councils.     Overview      MEMBERS $75; NON-MEMBERS $110

SBDM ORGANIZER FOR TEACHERS/PARENTS — Are you a new council member? A veteran who wants a solid refresher course? Our SBDM Organizer for Teachers/Parents is for you. The tools we include offer a solid foundation on legal roles, planning, assessment and accountability. This kit truly “begins at the beginning” to explain the work of Kentucky school councils. Principals should share this kit with all their council members for a strong, student-oriented start!     Overview     MEMBERS $50; NON-MEMBERS $80


POLICY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE – For Member Schools Only — The KASC Policy Subscription service takes the worry out of updating your policies. KASC will keep track of changes at the end of each legislative session, updates from state board of education regulations, updates on assessment and curriculum and changes in best practice. The initial fee of $100 includes both the KASC SBDM Policy Kit and the KASC SBDM Bylaws Kit, as well as timely updated policies emailed to your inbox for a full year.  At the end of the year, if you wish to continue this service, we will bill you $50 for a mailed CD of all updated sample policies, as well as give you another full year of updated or newly required policies sent to your inbox. (You may opt out of this service by simply writing cancel on your invoice or calling us.)    Overview


SBDM POLICY KIT Our kit has a complete list of all legally required and most best practice policies,including sample policies for all of them.  We can help to clean up your existing policies to fit legal requirements and avoid common problems. If you need to be sure you have all required policies up to date with legal changes, this is the resource you want, complete with legal information, practical advice, and model language on every council responsibility in state law.      Overview      MEMBERS $50; NON-MEMBERS $80


BYLAWS REVIEW KITFrom elections to minutes, KASC’s Bylaws Review Kit ensures that your operating rules fit the law and work well for your school. For each topic, a separate review sheet gives you the text of the relevant statutes, a checklist of legal and practical considerations, and sample language you can adopt or amend to fit your school. Topics covered in the kit range from council composition and terms to calling meetings to consensus and more. Get a sound grounding in the basics of council operations.      Overview       MEMBERS $45; NON-MEMBERS $75


meetsWMEETINGS KIT — Designed to help your council and committees have meetings that are effective and legal. The tools included will give your school help on the logistics of your meetings so you can focus more of your time and attention on the most important issue for your school:  improving student achievement. Each section included in your kit starts with information on the included tools, advice on ways to use the tools, and notes on related resources elsewhere in the Kit.   Overview        MEMBERS $40; NON-MEMBERS $60



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