Group of people in a meetingWhat KASC offers

  • Experienced educators to provide engaging sessions in your school/district at reasonable rates
  • SBDM sessions are led by KDE endorsed trainers
  • Do-It-Yourself sessions (see attachment)
  • Discounts for Member schools on all workshops

SBDM Sessions for Experienced Member Training

Leading With Evidence-Based Practices (pending KDE approval)
Councils shoulder the responsibility of improving student achievement with every decision made. This session explores evidence-based practices and how to implement for high student achievement. Councils will examine how to lead effective change.

SBDM Leadership for School Improvement
Leadership, high expectations, and exemplary teaching are the foundations of successful schools. This session empowers teaching by exploring simple ways for each council member to lead the work.

Council Tools for Closing the Disability Gap
Ready-made tools and strategies in this workshop will support councils in leading their schools to eliminate disability and opportunity gaps.

Other SBDM Sessions:

  • Novice Reduction for SBDM
  • Budgets for School Councils
  • Introduction to SBDM (6 hours for new members)



Professional Learning Sessions

The Quality Classroom (6-hour)
Studies have consistently shown common components that create an environment for high-quality instruction and learning: high expectations for all, active and cognitive student engagement, teaching about and for the brain, and effective formative assessment with quality feedback. Explore these components and take back classroom strategies to transform learning for students. 

Assessment for Learning (3-hour)
Learn how to harness the power of formative assessment to transform the learning process. Experience the impact of formative assessment on the learning process and walk away with a process for developing quality assessments based on high expectations.

Higher-Level Questioning with Quality Feedback (3-hour)
Learn how to raise the level of questioning in the classroom, lead effective discussions to improve student achievement, and provide quality feedback that engages learners. Be prepared to design instruction that helps students process at higher levels for greater achievement.

Targeting the Disability Achievement Gap (3-hour)
This interactive workshop provides instructional strategies that have been proven effective for students with disabilities. Participants explore common factors that have created opportunity gaps in schools and gain an understanding of how to address those.

Teacher’s Toolbox (3-hour)
This workshop is an exploration of the greatest hits of the research-based instructional strategies teachers request most: student engagement, differentiated instruction, achievement gap closure, growth mindset development, and brain-based discipline techniques.

Developing a Growth Mindset Classroom (6-hour)
This session provides teachers the knowledge, strategies, and tools they need to maintain a growth mindset in their classrooms. Leave this interactive experience ready to teach students and fellow staff members how to develop a growth mindset for life.

Other Popular PD Workshops:

  • Effective Feedback to Improve Learning
  • Growth Mindset: A Game Changer for Learning
  • Developing a Growth Mindset Classroom
  • Proven Ways to Increase Achievement
  • Essentials of On-Demand Writing
  • Higher-Level Thinking and Learning — Closing the Gap for All Students
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