The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) 2020 Impact Kentucky Working Conditions Survey, formerly the TELL Working Conditions Survey ran from Monday, January 13 - Friday, February 21, 2020. For almost ten years, a working conditions survey has provided all certified Kentucky public school staff members with an opportunity to make their voices heard.

To highlight ways that other schools have used the working conditions survey results in the past, we asked KASC board members, here are the responses…

☐ Identified:

  • more avenues within the school for professional learning
  • another data point for use in the allocation of resources
  • the need for ad hoc committees to address specific concerns
  • constructs that could be used to guide conversations and better understand various views and proposed improvements


  • SBDM council creation of climate-specific goals for the school
  • CSIP development
  • decisions on school technology investment


  • professional learning for teachers
  • feedback to and between teachers
  • communication between administrators and teachers


  • staff input in more areas
  • faculty awareness of all staff about concerns
  • engagement in brainstorming ideas to solve issues