KASC InternshipKASC Internship Outline

Purpose: To provide a learning and networking opportunity for a local college student in a statewide education organization

Intern requirements: declared education as a college major and be enrolled in a college or university; be familiar with social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram); be willing to work flexibly; have a “clean” social media presence; participate in an informal interview with KASC Education Leader

Intern’s Work for KASC

Up to 8 hours per week on launching social media plan
  • Co-develop plan with Education Leader and Technology Coordinator
  • Research on increasing the number of followers on social media
  • Update KASC social media profile
  • Write and post on social media with approval of related staff
  • Research hashtags for intended purpose and audience

Other research or development tasks for legislative, training, or product work, as needs arise

KASC Benefits for Intern
  • Include intern in staff meetings and discussions about statewide education issues
  • Provide access to KASC materials for individual’s use
  • Free registration to two 2019 summer reading academies
  • Free registration to KASC September conference and pre-conference
  • One-on-one learning session(s) with KASC staff based on education interests
  • KASC Internship as a resume builder and references based on strengths agreed upon by Intern and KASC Education Leader at the end of the internship period

Note: Currently, this internship does not include a salary. However, as strengths of the intern are identified, KASC staff will work to determine compensation to support the work of the organization through the summer months. This internship ends when the college student returns to college in August 2019.

Please contact Cindy Blevins, Education Leader at [email protected] to apply.