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2021 Kentucky Writing Project Summer Institutes

Online Professional Learning that will help you be better prepared for online as well as traditional classroom instruction...many now at HALF PRICE!
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KWP: the only Kentucky professional development organization focused on improving writing in K-12:

Proven effective: In a study of on-demand writing assessments, EPSB analyzed the scores of 184,264 Kentucky students taught by 3,476 teachers. [The] “more effective teachers of writing were more likely to have participated in programs of the [Kentucky] Writing Project. NWP activities were highly rated by both the teacher respondents and the institutional respondents, and it seems clear that participation in these activities may be the single most attractive mechanism for improving the quality of writing instruction, both for teacher candidates and for teachers already in the classroom. “—Excerpt from Status of Writing Instruction In Kentucky Public Schools (EPSB, 2012)

ONLINE Professional learning options for all levels, all contents:
  • PRIMARY: Kid Writing, a 20+-year evidence-based approach to accelerating literacy acquisition through writing
  • INTERMEDIATE: Writing workshop, using a reading-writing approach to develop skills
  • CONTENT AREAS: Disciplinary Literacy to improve content learning by accelerating reading and enhancing written communication
  • ELA, Grades 5-12: C3WP Boot Camp, critical reading and thinking to develop argument writing in ELA using the National Writing Project’s College, Career, & Community Writers Program
School or District Partnership Models...starting at $20,000 per year. Includes 2 summer PD days plus classroom follow-up, student work analysis, & coaching with your teachers. Please call to develop a program that will serve your needs.

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