Free Budget Mini-Session

Free Budget Mini-Session
Thursday, August 26 6:00 PM EST
30 Minute Virtual Session

Being a principal is challenging.
KASC is here to help.


The budget is one of the major responsibilities of a principal — you have to know how to empower people and get the most bang for your buck.

You are invited to a free Budget Mini-Session that will help you educate and lead your council (and your whole school) plus build capacity for the budget process in the future. Don’t miss this valuable advice from a veteran principal.



Tim Hitzfield, KASC Host & Trainer

  • 20+ years on council
  • Has been a principal in small rural district and in third largest district in the state
  • Principal for 13 years — 11 of his assistants have gone on to be school administrators
  • 31 years in education
  • Served on KASC Board of Directors for more than 10 years and has been KASC president
  • Endorsed trainer for 20+ years
  • 2013 KASA Administrator of the Year
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