Diagnosing and Prescribing for Strategic Reading

Pre-Conference Session • Monday, Sept. 9 • 12:00-3:00 PM EDT • $50.00

This session will focus on the reading record, a multi-use tool which enables teachers to:

  • Efficiently group students for guided reading or other skills-based literacy instruction.
  • Gather specific reading data for summative assessments to report to parents, administrators or to contribute to a special education referral.
  • Gather formative data to guide on-going instructional decision making such as determining a change in level, setting a teaching focus or adjusting group membership.
  • Provide a basis for on-the-spot differentiated teaching points to move individual readers forward.
  • Participants will practice coding a child’s reading, analyzing results, and prompting the reader with strengths and teaching points.

Suggested audience: elementary regular and special education teachers, interventionists, and Title 1 teachers

Led by experienced reading specialists with a passion for teaching reading and a commitment to support the professional growth of teachers.

Cindy Blevins is currently KASC’s Education Leader, but formerly an elementary teacher, interventionist, and literacy coach. Her literacy training results from experiences at the Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative, Orton-Gillingham training, Lindamood-Bell programs, and America’s Choice.

Jeannie MacShara has more than 35 years of experience teaching students to read. Her work as an elementary teacher, literacy coach, Reading Recovery® teacher, and interventionist have fueled her passion for teaching children and mentoring teachers. Her extensive training includes studying at the Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative, Reading Recovery training, America’s Choice, and her own constant study of literacy education.


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