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KASC offers a wide variety of Professional Learning focused on helping schools reach proficiency. Contact our training staff at (859) 238-2188 or E-mail to schedule your training session.

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"...the KASC workshop that Mrs. Keen presented re-energized my teacher perspective. I was so focused on implementing the strategies that she gave, that I looked over my lesson plans the next day and tweaked my lesson to include the new information."  — Karen Cobb, Language Arts Teacher at Lebanon Middle School


Schools don’t have the luxury of a trial and error approach to learning. Educators need to focus on what has been proven to work in classrooms so students benefit immediately. This session will engage participants as they:
  • dive into evidence-based practices and strategies
  • use strategies applicable to multiple content areas and levels
  • be prepared to implement or refine practices starting tomorrow

What makes a quality classroom? A quality classroom is one where students not only master standards but also gain an appreciation for the learning process. Studies have consistently shown that these components create an environment for high-quality instruction and learning:
  • high expectations for all
  • active and cognitive student engagement
  • teaching about and for the brain
  • effective formative assessment with quality feedback

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these components and take back strategies to use in the classroom to transform learning for students.

Kentucky teachers are required to use formative assessments in their classrooms. How can educators harness the power of formative assessment to transform the learning process? In this 3-hour session, participants will:
  • dig into the “why” behind formative assessment
  • experience the impact of formative assessment on the learning process
  • walk away with a process for developing quality assessments based on high expectations
  • discover options for making formative assessment doable

PARAEDUCATOR’S TOOLBOX — The role of paraeducator requires a varied skill set and differs from school to school. In this 3-hour session, participants will explore research-based strategies most requested for paraeducators. Topics include instructional strategies for teaching small groups, giving quality feedback, and coaching students through challenges.

HIGHER-LEVEL QUESTIONING WITH QUALITY FEEDBACK — Learn how to raise the level of questioning in the classroom, lead effective discussions to improve student achievement, and provide quality feedback that engages learners. Participants of this 3-hour training will be prepared to design instruction that helps students process at higher levels for greater achievement.

SYSTEMIC APPROACH TO CLOSING THE GAP — This 3-hour session is designed to create interaction with the contents of KASC’s new Gap Closure Toolkit. The research-based, strategic approaches included in the kit will help participants analyze the 4 non-negotiable actions fundamental to the belief that all students can learn, understand how intelligence is redefined, and develop brain-based strategies for students to use as they learn and study.

DIGGING DEEPER INTO THE GAP CLOSURE TOOLKIT (must have attended Systemic Approach to Closing the Gap as prerequisite) – This 3-hour session will allow participants to dig deeper into the contents and activities of the Gap Closure Toolkit. Time will be devoted to experiencing more of the toolkit activities, discussing how the resources are best used in the school setting, and planning for implementation by classroom teachers or school leaders.  This session expands on the concepts of brain-based instruction, the impact of stress and motivation on learners, and strategies for closing achievement gaps.

TEACHER’S TOOLBOX – Our Teacher’s Toolbox is a three-hour exploration of the greatest hits of the research-based instructional strategies that teachers request most: student engagement, differentiated instruction, achievement gap closure, growth mindset development, and brain-based discipline techniques. The result: an achievement-focused session where proven strategies are modeled, discussed, and implemented to help teachers reach higher levels.

EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK TO IMPROVE LEARNING — Learn research-based strategies for feedback that propels learners forward. This 3-hour session allows participants to apply the characteristics of effective feedback and provides practice and tools for giving feedback to students.

TARGETING THE DISABILITY ACHIEVEMENT GAP — Schools continuously target specific gap populations, but the disability gap is not closing fast enough for students to meet standards. In this 3-hour session, participants will explore common factors that have created opportunity gaps in schools and gain an understanding of how to address those. This interactive workshop will provide instructional strategies that have been proven effective for students with disabilities.

DEVELOPING A GROWTH MINDSET CLASSROOM  During this 6-hour workshop, educators will rethink what makes students successful. The research of Carol Dweck helps professionals realize that talent and ability can be developed through dedicated effort, deliberate practice, and time devoted to improvement. Participants will leave this interactive experience ready to teach students and fellow staff members how to develop a growth mindset for life.

GROWTH MINDSET: A GAME CHANGER FOR LEARNING — Growth Mindset is defined as the belief that intelligence can be developed with persistence, effort, and focus on improvement. During this 3-hour session, based on the research of Carol Dweck and Mary Cay Ricci, participants will gain an understanding of how a focus on growth mindset helps all students perform, and struggle/mistakes actually help the brain. When students focus on improvement, it can be a game changer for student success. This workshop will provide specific strategies to use in the classroom and practical ways to get buy-in from students, parents, and school staff.

5 PROVEN WAYS TO INCREASE ACHIEVEMENT  What factors really help students achieve in school? New programs and initiatives come and go, but the compilation of research studies can point educators in the right direction toward improved student achievement. This 6-hour workshop, suitable for all content areas, is based on the work of renowned educator, author, and researcher Eric Jensen. During this action-packed workshop, participants will gain strategies for implementing 5 proven factors that increase achievement: growth mindset, relationships, student engagement, feedback, and cognitive skill building.

PROVEN WAYS TO INCREASE ACHIEVEMENT – Based on the research of Eric Jensen, this 3-hour session introduces high-effect size factors that promote student achievement: growth mindset, relationships, feedback, and student engagement. These factors will be explored and strategies will be shared for school-wide impact or for individual teacher implementation. Participants will understand how these factors impact achievement as they learn strategies to implement in their classroom/school to raise student achievement.

ESSENTIALS OF ON-DEMAND WRITING — Writing is an important skill for students to achieve success in school and in life. This session helps teachers know the characteristics of each mode of writing in the standards and implement writing for the classroom. Participants will also develop an understanding of how to prepare students for Kentucky’s On-Demand assessment.

CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE IN THE CLASSROOM — Effective instruction results when teacher expectations, along with rigorous and relevant assignments, match the level of the standards and challenge students to remain engaged and increase achievement.  Learn to apply quality of instruction along with effective higher-level questioning to ensure your students remain engaged and increase their knowledge.  In this 6-hour training (adaptable to 3-hours), participants will learn the importance of high expectations, rigor and instructional relevance.

Read what Karen Cobb, Language Arts Teacher at Lebanon Middle School says about our newly updated Constructed-Response PD Workshop. “Normally, after teaching all day the thought of a two-hour workshop would be just frightening. To my surprise, the KASC workshop that  Mrs. Keen presented re-energized my teacher perspective.  I was so focused on implementing the strategies that she gave, that I looked over my lesson plans the next day and tweaked my lesson to include the new information.  Analyzing constructed-response really helped me focus my vocabulary instruction within my prompts.  I found the handouts very useful and look forward to the second part of this training.”

HIGHER-LEVEL THINKING AND LEARNING — Closing the Gap for All Students — The research is overwhelming; all students CAN learn at higher levels.  In this session you will learn why that is true and how to help students be more successful.  Participants will receive specific research-based strategies for raising the level of thinking for all students and closing the achievement gap.     

STUDYING YOUR SCORES  — The first step in moving your school forward is understanding your data.  Our Studying Your Scores session takes participants through state accountability scores step by step, helping schools understand where the scores came from and what they need to focus on.  Large, colorful graphs created from released data files are used to help your teachers and council members analyze the data, identify strengths, determine areas of concern and focus on next steps.

PARAEDUCATORS AS PARTNERS IN INCREASING ACHIEVEMENT – Explore four factors proven to strongly impact student achievement: growth mindset, relationships, student engagement, and feedback. This 3-hour workshop explores the same concepts as KASC’s Proven Ways to Increase Achievement except that the focus is on the paraeducator’s role in the classroom. Paraeducators will be actively involved in activities to deepen their understanding of these research-based factors and will leave with strategies specifically tailored for the roles they play in educating students.

EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PARAEDUCATORS  — Paraeducators are valuable team members in classroom instruction; their daily work with students is critical in a school’s goal of improving student achievement.  In this 3- hour workshop, participants will receive research-based strategies for building positive relationships with students and their collaborating teachers, as well as learn specific instructional strategies to use with students. Do not miss out on this opportunity to make sure your entire team has the necessary skills to improve student achievement!

EFFECTIVE PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP FOR COUNCILS – This workshop, available for Principals only, is a companion training to go with our KASC Principal Organizer, sold separately. The kit provides resources to meet SBDM legal requirements and for leading your council to proficiency.  Participants will be guided step by step through the kit. Topics covered include Legal basics, Policies, Committees, SBDM Meetings, Election, Planning, Budgets and Personnel.

Do-It-Yourself — Or we will be happy to come lead it for you!

Full Professional Learning Sessions, including all training materials and a detailed facilitator’s guide, allow you to easily lead your staff through either a 3-hour or 6-hour session.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR STUDENT ENGAGEMENT KIT — A compilation of best practice teaching strategies organized for use in team meetings, professional learning communities, or on Professional Learning days. Provides a step-by-step process for teachers to learn a new strategy, apply it in the classroom, and work together to strengthen the approach.

ACCOMPLISHED TEACHERS POWER SESSION SERIES – A series of five power sessions designed for PLC meetings, faculty meetings, or other professional learning sessions. Training materials and a facilitator guide are included for each of the five Domain 3 components. Each session includes specific strategies to help teachers become ACCOMPLISHED.

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT — A key to success for individual students is using classroom assessment to guide instruction. This 3-hour or 6-hour session looks at many types of classroom assessment so teachers can monitor student progress toward academic goals and learn ways to better meet student needs. Tools and resources are provided to help make this process easier and more efficient, while still valuing individual learners.

ALL-STAR STRATEGIES — We pulled key ideas from a wide variety of education literature and leaders to deliver them to you in this 6-hour session (can be adapted to 3 hours). Strategies are organized around Robert Marzano’s research-based classic, “What Works in Schools: Translating Research Into Action.” Learn what experts and research say so you can apply it in your school.

VOCABULARY TOOLKIT — Provides classroom teaching strategies and activities for solid vocabulary instruction based on Kentucky Academic Standards. Accompanying CD of all materials includes sortable Excel database of all words and definitions. Use with students in an individual classroom setting, or focus entire staff on research-based strategies for teaching vocabulary with ready-to-use training materials. Toolkit is sold by school level–Elementary, Middle, and High School.

MARZANO BASICS — Based on Robert Marzano’s “Classroom Instruction That Works,” this Power Session presents research-backed strategies for improving student achievement, along with their connections to current brain research.

SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES — Marzano found that identifying similarities and differences is one of the most effective instructional practices — and when used correctly, this strategy results in substantially higher test scores. Learn how.

NON-LINGUISTIC REPRESENTATIONS — Marzano’s research pinpoints non-linguistic representations as a strategy allowing students to learn, extend, and demonstrate their knowledge through models, pictures, graphics, and movement. Great for addressing a variety of learning styles. Pairs nicely with Similarities & Differences.