Board Member NomineeS • Region 4 PRINCIPAL

Amanda Carroll
Gallatin County Upper Elementary

My name is Amanda Carroll and I have been in education for 18 years. I attended all my K-12 education in Russell, Kentucky before earning my Rank I in School Administration, DPP Certificate, and Special Education Coordinator Certificate from Morehead State University. I am currently the Principal at Gallatin County Upper Elementary. The reason I chose education is to give back to students and encourage them the way that I was by so many great teachers and mentors in my life. Students need a good foundation of education in order to develop the skills they need to be successful. My goal is to help them reach their goals by developing their academic, social, and emotional skills. While not only encouraging the students to be successful, I push myself to continue to learn and give back the knowledge that will benefit everyone. I have participated in NISL and Leaders Institute for School Principals. These programs taught me new things that will allow me to share and implement into my school and staff. My professional life as an educator focuses on serving adults and students during their educational experience to realize their goals and aspirations. I hope to give back to KASC through leadership in this position and have the opportunity to serve KASC which impacts our future. I will work hard to support all of my fellow educators. Thank you for your support and consideration.