Senate Bill 3 passed the Senate on January 11. The full General Assembly is adjourned until February 5th, but committees are still operating, so now is a good time to make your voice heard.

SB3, will be assigned to the House Education Committee next, and our goal is to make so much noise against SB 3 that it never gains traction. Please:

  • Contact members of the House Education Committee

  • Engage other members of your school community (parents, teachers not on council, classified staff, community members). Explain the issues and encourage them to reach out to these legislators also.

2019 House Education Committee
Phone — Message line: 1-800-372-7181 (Ask to leave a message for “each House Education Committee Member,” and you only have to call once.)
Representative Email Twitter
Regina Huff, Chair
Steve Riley, Vice Chair
Tina Bojanowski
R. Travis Brenda
Randy Bridges
John Bam Carney
Jim Glenn
Mark Hart
Scott Lewis
Mary Lou Marzian
C. Ed Massey
Bobby McCool
Reginald Meeks
Charles Miller
Kimberly Poore Moser
Melinda Gibbons Prunty
John Sims Jr
James Tipton
Russell Webber
Susan Westrom
Lisa Willner


SB 3 amends the SBDM law, KRS 160.345, to:

  • Require council policy to be consistent with local board policy and district goals established by the board
    Issue: SBDM councils could be greatly limited by school board’s policies; for example, think about a policy that requires uniformity at every school in the district. A one-size-fits-all approach has never been proven effective. (During the Senate vote, two senators stated there’s no intent to change the council responsibilities. If that is the case, there would be no use in changing the language in the law.)

  • Have the superintendent select the principal after consultation with school council 
    Issue: 1) The selection of the principal is removed from the people in the school and given solely to the superintendent, taking us back 27 years. 2) In the current process, the collaboration between superintendent and council sets the principal up for success. New principals need support from shareholders.

  • Reduce the number of teachers serving on the council from three to two
    Issue: SB3 removes one teacher member from the council so the configuration would be 1 principal; 2 teachers; and 2 parents. This new configuration was suggested without consulting KASC, KEA, or the PTA. The assumption is that since our legislators are divisive and on different sides of the aisle then surely school councils also pit parents against teachers. This premise is false and councils make the vast majority of their decisions by consensus decision making with everyone having a right to offer an opinion.

  • Allow a teacher to be transferred while serving on the school council 
    Issue: This was added in the law years ago when threats and intimidation were used to try to control teachers on the council. Teachers need to be able to speak their minds without worrying about their jobs.

We have a real chance of defeating this bill in the House but not without your help!