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 2019 Legislative Session Summary

The statements below summarize the legal changes most connected to school councils. The actual bills and all the laws are available from the Legislative Research Commission, New laws take effect June 27, 2019, except bills with an emergency clause that became effective immediately.

In this announcement we will share...

  1. Laws that impact SBDM Councils
  2. Laws that are FYI for schools
  3. Other Education Related Laws



WHO ARE WE? Our Mission
KASC is a nonprofit membership organization supporting school councils as they work to help students succeed.

Principal Selection Training Available

 Group of people in a meetingWhen a principal vacancy occurs, the superintendent and council must complete a legally required training before beginning the selection process. KASC has delivered Selection of a Principal to more than 200 councils in the past 5 years and can provide your council with an experienced, knowledgeable trainer. The resources and guidance available from KASC are based on more than 15 years of experience and collaboration with other organizations. Contact [email protected] if your council must start the important task of selecting a quality principal.

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Group of people in a meeting

What KASC offers:

  • Experienced educators to provide engaging sessions in your school/district at reasonable rates
  • SBDM sessions led by KDE endorsed trainers
  • Do-It-Yourself sessions
  • Discounts for Member schools on all workshops
Click on the logo for a sampling of workshops or use the Quick Reference Chart for a complete listing.