Legislative News HeaderThe General Assembly meets for 60 days during even years and this 2022 session will end on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

KASC will be tracking numerous bills that could have a direct impact on teaching and learning for students, teachers, parents, administrators, and councils.

SB 1 Urgent Call to Action

Senate Bill 1, a bill to drastically amend the SBDM law, was passed by the Senate on Saturday, January 8, 2022. This bill makes the school council simply an advisory group.

SB 1 takes principal selection away from the council and gives the Superintendent the full authority to choose the principal with only consultation by the council. The council members must sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep all principal selection discussions confidential or face lifetime sanctions.  

The bill gives Superintendents the final say in selecting the curriculum, textbooks, instructional materials, and student support services for all schools in the district. Once again, the school council only serves in an advisory capacity.  

In addition, SBDM policy would have to be consistent with school board policy. This greatly diminishes parent, teacher, administrator, and student engagement in school decision-making and puts restraints on the kind of innovation that helps schools meet their students’ needs.


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The Kentucky Family and School Partnership GuideA collaborative update to the groundbreaking work captured in The Missing Piece of the Proficiency Puzzle: Recommendations for Involving Families and Community in Improving Student Achievement (2007). The work has the support of two well-known national experts in the field of family engagement, Anne T. Henderson and Dr. Karen Mapp, and Kentucky Education Commissioner Jason Glass. Find The Kentucky Family and School Partnership Guide here and visit the Family Engagement page for more resources.




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