KASC Advice on Conducting SBDM Council Meetings

Because of Governor Beshear’s request to practice social distancing and avoid in-person meetings, we advise councils to use video teleconferencing to hold council meetings. KRS 61.826 was amended in 2018 to allow public agencies the ability to conduct any meeting, including a closed meeting, through video teleconference. Video teleconference is defined in KRS 61.805 to mean “one (1) meeting, occurring in two (2) or more locations, where individuals can see and hear each other by means of video and audio equipment.” Click below for some steps your council can take to abide by the Open Meetings Law and the Video teleconferencing statute.



March 26, 2020

SB 177 COVID-19 Public Schools Bill EMERGENCY
This multi-faceted law addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on public schools was introduced and passed by both the House and the Senate on Thursday March 19 and was signed by the Governor. This law was enacted as Emergency legislation, retroactive to March 6, and provides:

  • Commissioner of Education may approve additional emergency Non-traditional Instruction NTI days;
  • Commissioner can waive the required 1,062 instructional hours if a district submits compelling rationale for failing to complete these hours by June 12, 2020;
  • School districts shall allow emergency leave to full or part-time classified or certified employee due to COVID-19;
  • Kentucky Board of Education may waive statewide assessment requirements in accordance with federal waivers;
  • KDE shall seek and utilize federal waivers involving requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act;
  • Local districts may revise the certified evaluation plan;
  •  Districts may submit last years attendance data for this year

All K-PREP testing cancelled for 2019-20 school year
On March 24, the Kentucky Department of Education notified all school districts that all K-PREP testing for the 2019-2020 school year has been cancelled.

All 172 of Kentucky’s school districts are using the Non-Traditional Instruction Program while school buildings are closed and in-person classes have been called off until at least April 20. The Commissioner of Education said that all federal ratings and supports will remain the same until after the next testing cycle in the spring of 2021. The list of CSI and Additional Targeted Support and Improvement also will stay the same.

Senate Bill 7

Senate Bill 7 is currently assigned to the House Local Government Committee who can hear this bill at any time with no notice. The public is not allowed in the Capitol Buildings due to the coronavirus emergency mandates and thus no citizens will be allowed to testify and appear to voice opposition to this anti-SBDM bill. Until we know the bill is dead, we must keep up the communication with the House to voice our opposition.

Senate Bill 7 diminishes council impact in Kentucky and takes decision-making out of the hands of those closest to the students and gives it to the superintendent and school board.

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Impact Kentucky Survey

Working Conditions Survey

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) 2020 Impact Kentucky Working Conditions Survey, formerly the TELL Working Conditions Survey ended on Friday, February 21, 2020. For almost ten years, a working conditions survey has provided all certified Kentucky public school staff members with an opportunity to make their voices heard. KASC has highlighted some ways that you can use the results of the survey.

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