Training Materials Available for Purchase

You provide the facilitator, we provide the workshop materials!

The following KASC workshops are available for purchase:

  • Higher-Level Thinking and Learning — Closing the Gap for All Students
  • Reducing Novice Performance in Schools
  • Effective Strategies for Paraeducators
  • Selecting a Principal

Each workshop includes:

  • Facilitator’s Guide for Step-by-Step Presentation
  • Participant and Resource Booklets
  • Activity Cards
  • EILA Certificates for 3-Hours of Training

HIGHER LEVEL THINKING AND LEARNING — Closing the Gap for All Students — The research is overwhelming, all students CAN learn at higher levels.  In this session you will learn why that is true and how to help students be more successful.  Participants will receive specific research-based strategies for raising the level of thinking for all students and closing the achievement gap.  ($200 for first set of 20, $100 for each additional set of 10)

REDUCING NOVICE PERFORMANCE IN SCHOOLS —  This session is designed for all educators to explore how schools can reduce novice performance and raise achievement for all students. Participants will learn specific strategies that can be implemented immediately.   ($200 for first set of 20, $100 for each additional set of 10)

EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PARAEDUCATORS  — Paraeducators are valuable team members in classroom instruction; their daily work with students is critical in a school’s goal of improving student achievement.  In this 3- hour workshop, participants will receive research-based strategies for building positive relationships with students and their collaborating teachers, as well as learn specific instructional strategies to use with students. Do not miss out on this opportunity to make sure your entire team has the necessary skills to improve student achievement! ($200 for first set of 20, $100 for each additional set of 10)

SELECTING A PRINCIPAL — Our Principal Selection training provides a step-by-step approach to the important work of choosing an instructional leader. Up-to-date materials reflect the most recent changes and interpretations of the law. Clear and simple tools to help with interview questions and criteria. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers lead this session during a council meeting so decisions can legally be made. We also offer ongoing support and advice. Principal selection training cannot be used for experienced council member training credit.  ($50 for each set of 8)