SBDM Council Training

KASC offers a wide variety of training sessions approved by the state Department of Education for new and experienced council members.  Call our training staff at (859) 238-2188 or e-mail us to schedule your training, participate in our open sessions, or take advantage of self-paced online training.

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New for 2021Social and Emotional Leadership and Learning
The SBDM council’s number one priority is improving student achievement, including removing the barriers that impede achievement. It is well known that emotional barriers interfere with learning, and the pandemic has taken a toll on the well-being of students, families, and professionals.

In this experienced member session, participants will gain specific examples and strategies for:

  • Addressing social and emotional needs of students, educators, and families
  • leadership and teamwork to build psychological safety
  • an environment that responds to the experiences of the pandemic
  • Providing meaningful, supportive leadership in your SBDM role
    • on the council
    • in the school community
    • in daily life

Experienced SBDM members will walk away prepared to identify barriers and lead students and the school community forward. Schedule this session as an in-person school/district or virtual training by contacting [email protected]

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(Released 2020) This session takes the newly updated SBDM Council Proficiency Keys and enables experienced council members to effectively complete their responsibilities, which include:

  • ensuring all students learn
  • writing quality policies
  • making sure actions follow the law

The session focuses most heavily on positively impacting the students at your school and having fun doing it, plus provides easy-to-use resources for an organized, efficient council process.

Schedule this session as an in-person school/district training by contacting [email protected], or take advantage of our online self-paced training.
Members: $30 • Non-Members: $60


(Released 2019) Councils shoulder the responsibility of improving student achievement with every decision made. Effective SBDM councils are equipped with current knowledge and explore opportunities to improve outcomes for all students. In this session, councils will:

  • explore evidence-based practices (research-based and proven in classrooms) to improve student achievement
  • understand how the implementation of practices can impact achievement
  • examine how the council can lead to effective change

SBDM LEADERSHIP FOR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT (Released 2018) As SBDM councils work to find solutions that address the needs of their schools, they often overlook the basic foundations of successful schools: leadership, high expectations, and exemplary teaching. In addition to providing fresh approaches to improve instruction and close gaps, this workshop will specifically focus on empowering teachers to ensure all students learn. Teachers, parents, and principals will all explore simple ways to lead the council in their day-to-day lives.

Schedule this session as an in-person school/district training by contacting [email protected].

COUNCIL TOOLS FOR CLOSING THE DISABILITY GAP  — (Released 2017) All schools are striving to meet the needs of various student groups, but the gap between students with disabilities and those without continues to create concern for all shareholders. In this 3-hour workshop, councils will:

  • Explore issues that create opportunity gaps for students
  • Be equipped with ideas for eliminating those gaps
  • Review their responsibilities
  • Employ tools and strategies that can lead their schools in research-based initiatives.

STATE-APPROVED WORKSHOPS —  For information on other KDE-approved council training, including Intro to SBDM, call our training staff at (859) 238-2188 or e-mail us.

  • Advanced SBDM
  • Bylaws & Policies
  • The Council’s Role with Continuous Improvement
  • SBDM 101: Introduction to SBDM
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Teamwork for Achievement
  • Equitable Decision-Making
  • School Councils and Budgets


SBDM 101: Introduction to SBDM
This SBDM training session is designed to help new council members understand their roles on councils and the work that councils do. These SBDM training materials were developed by the Kentucky Department of Education for use in training new school council members in implementing school-based decision making. 

Schedule this session as an in-person school/district or virtual training by contacting [email protected] or participate in our open sessions.

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Our Principal Selection training provides a step-by-step approach to the important work of choosing an instructional leader. Up-to-date materials reflect the most recent changes and interpretations of the law. Clear and simple tools to help with interview questions and criteria. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers lead this session during a council meeting so decisions can legally be made. We also offer ongoing support and advice. Principal selection training cannot be used for experienced council member training credit.

See what education professionals state-wide say is best practice for principal selection.

Get started at your school with an on-demand prompt for students, asking what characteristics they would look for in a new principal.

Book your Principal Selection training with KASC and get highly experienced trainers.


We are happy to bring any of our training to any audience.

In addition to bringing you a complete workshop, we can also offer follow-up facilitation help to apply the ideas to your unique situation or arrange a sequence of activities to move your school forward.

For council training, you may want to consider being a host school or district. As host, you pay for a trainer’s time and transportation, plus materials for your own people. Then KASC publicizes the session and invites folks from other places to attend as well. They pay us a fee, and we share part of that money with your school. This arrangement reduces your costs and allows you to help other schools and individuals in your region of the state.

Let us know how we can help. Call (859) 238-2188 or e-mail.