Mission, Vision, and Values

KASC is a nonprofit membership organization supporting school councils as they work to help students succeed.

The Kentucky Association of School Councils was formed in 1992 when presidents of the Kentucky PTA, Kentucky Education Association, and Kentucky Association of School Administrators appointed initial leaders.

Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation for building the capacity of school leadership teams as well as developing training and tools to help schools and districts improve student achievement.

Our membership includes more than 750 school councils and district-wide members from across the state who support school-based decision-making.

Our board of directors includes a parent, teacher, and principal from each of the eight regions of the state. Directors are elected by delegates chosen by member schools. Starting 2021-22 KASC's board will add at least one student member.

From our office in Danville, our talented staff develops a wide range of workshops, professional development, products, tools and informational updates on a variety of topics related to council responsibility and school proficiency.

As an organization, we try to embody the shared decision-making approach we encourage councils to follow. Through true teamwork, we feel like every staff member can make an important contribution and have a meaningful voice in our direction and success.

We also emphasize a diligent approach to our mission of giving members top-quality service in a quick and friendly manner. We look for practical solutions and proven results that also help build and expand partnerships.

KASC Mission Statement

We seek a Kentucky where every child achieves at high levels and every community unites to lift its students higher still.

In the shared work of creating that commonwealth, the Kentucky Association of School Councils will:

  1. Affirm the potential of all Kentucky’s children.
  2. Guide school councils in their responsibilities.
  3. Help parents, teachers, principals and others share the central decisions about our common schools.
  4. Promote understanding of learning research.
  5. Advocate for the development of teacher leaders as well as leadership from within the district.
  6. Participate in statewide decisions.
  7. Empower our members, directors, staff, and others to serve Kentucky students.
  8. Invest in long-term capacity to strengthen Kentucky education.