Region 1 Teacher
Cassie Ipock
Sinking Fork Elementary

I have served on four SBDM Councils since 2006 in the roles of parent representative, teacher representative, and Vice-Chair.  I have also represented Region I on the KASC Board of Directors for the past 14 years--as a parent and teacher.  I am currently serving a second term on the Executive Committee of the KASC as well, so as you can see, the KASC's mission of leading the way to student success is near and dear to my heart.  School-Based Decision Making Councils are imperative in regards to student achievement, and through its role of supporting school councils, the KASC is instrumental in that effort.  I have been honored to represent Region I as an active Board member, and hope to continue in my service to my region and the KASC.


Region 2 Parent

Emma Martin
Hardinsburg Elementary School

Mrs. Martin received her Bachelor's Degree in grades 5-9 Language Arts and P-12 Special
Education from Kentucky Wesleyan College in 2012. She also earned a Master's Degree in
Reading and Writing Specialist and her Rank I from the University of the Cumberlands.
She is currently working towards her Doctorate's Degree from Murray State University.
Mrs. Martin taught at Breckinridge County Middle School for six years prior to moving into
administration. She served as the Principal of the Breckinridge County Area Technology
Center for two years and has been in her current position for three years.



Region 2 Principal
Joey Norman
Warren Central High School

I am Joey Norman and I am the proud principal of Warren Central High School in Bowling Green, KY. I am currently in my 19th year of education, 18 of which have been served at WCHS. I spent nine years as a science teacher before transitioning to Administration, first as an Academic Interventionist, then four years as Assistant Principal, and I am currently in my fourth year as Principal. I am interested in being a member of the KASC Board because I believe that I can make a difference through my vision and voice to represent Region 2. As a leader, I feel as though I am creative and innovative
in my mindset. Through my creativity, I believe that I can bring fresh ideas and implementation to the KASC
Board. I also believe that I can be a strong voice to represent underrepresented students and schools. WCHS
is 63% Non-White, 90% Free/Reduced Lunch, and 27% ESL with over 30 countries represented. By working,
and thriving, in a school of such high diversity, I believe that I can be a strong representation for all students
and schools. I have experience in meeting the needs of my stakeholders, enhancing educational practices,
and overseeing budgetary items.


Region 3 Parent

Shawna Stenton
Jefferson County District Office

I am an involved parent who is passionate about the education of all of our children.  For the past ten years I have been an active member of the KASC Board of Directors.  In the fall of 2010 I received my doctorate of philosophy in school administration by successfully defending my dissertation entitled School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Councils and their Efficacy and Productivity as Perceived by Council Members.  Additionally, I am currently employed as the SBDM specialist in the largest school district in Kentucky.



Region 4 Parent

Rachael Fasciotto
Ft Wright Elementary

I'm Rachael Fasciotto, music teacher at Ft. Wright Elementary. Throughout my 18 years of teaching, I've spent time in Fayette County (4 years), Jefferson County (3 years), and now Kenton County (11 years). I taught fourth grade, third grade, and first grade before transitioning to the music room four years ago. I've been a member of the SBDM council in multiple schools, both as a teacher and a parent, so I've seen the impact an effective council can have on a school community. My experiences in the regular classroom and the special area classroom give me a unique perspective on the needs of a school. Recently, I completed the Principal Certification program at the University of Kentucky, during which time I used the KASC resources to analyze and rewrite policies for my current school. I became very familiar with the support KASC is able to give school councils and I look forward to participating in positive school change across my region and the state as a board member of the KASC.

Region 4 Teacher

Erin Weaver
Ft Wright Elementary

Being a member of the KASC Board of Directors would allow me to lead in a way I have not been able to before.  The Board of Directors is able to provide a multi-level system of support to council members.  KASC embodies a true method of teamwork, which is the most important in school success, in my opinion.  Helping school councils have the capacity to make long term decisions that affect student success is my ultimate goal as a KASC Board of Directors member.

Region 5 Parent

Nicholas Hartlep
Frederick Douglass High School

It would be an honor to be on the ballot for a Parent seat for region 5. I have remained active with my daughters’ SBDM as well as sports boosters. I have served the last three years on the softball boosters for Frederick Douglass High School. I serve on other Board of Directors for Education-based agencies, so serving KASC would be a privilege. I understand that directors usually meet four times a year (at least one in person) and govern the Association. I want the responsibilities of (1) attending KASC board of directors’ retreat, (2) determining the course of the organization, (3) determining the legislative agenda, and (3) approving the budget. Given my professional training and practical experience, I feel that I am qualified for this position and will assume the position, if elected, with integrity, responsibility, and ethnics.

Region 5 Teacher

TJ Metcalf
Bloomfield Middle School

TJ Metcalf works at Bloomfield Middle School in Nelson County where he leads the music program and also teaches art and technology. TJ has presented at KYSTE on three occasions and has presented at KMEA’s Music Educator Professional Development Conference once. In 2022 he was named KMEA Fourth District Middle School Teacher of the Year. He is a GoTeachKY Ambassador, KMEA Fourth District Music Technology Chair, Nelson County’s KEA President, and serves on the Retention Committee workgroup for Working Conditions in KASA's Coalition to Sustain the Teaching Profession. TJ has served on Bloomfield Middle School’s SBDM Council since 2017 and has held the position of co-chair on numerous occasions. He would like to be on the KASC Board of Directors because he believes in the potential of
Kentucky’s students and knows that our school councils are key to unlocking that potential. He would like to help empower educators by serving on the Board of Directors in the same way that KASC has empowered him. If elected, he will embody the values of KASC and be a servant leader to the Commonwealth.

Region 5 Principal

Charlie Cox
Washington County High School

I am interested in serving on the KASC Board of Directors for a variety of reasons. I would like to maintain a finger on the pulse of education developments and initiatives in our great state. I feel like this is a great opportunity to not only represent Washington County but also our neighboring districts in Region 5. KASC is a wonderful organization, and it would be a great honor to be selected to assist in planning its future.

Region 6 Parent

Jeremy Cole
Southern Middle School- Pulaski

I would love to serve as a KASC Board Member.  I believe that serving would allow me to gain a better understanding of the Kentucky Legislature as it related to the educational processes in Kentucky.  As a member, I would also hear about how other districts are bringing change into their schools and educational processes.  As a regular education teacher and a member of SBDM for many years, I can also bring knowledge to the Board on how educational change has been implemented in the school system where I serve.


Region 6 Teacher

Jared Criswell
Wayne County High School

I was fortunate enough to return to my home high school immediately following
graduation. I have always known it was my goal to make Wayne County High School’s English Department the best possible. Over the course of my time at Wayne County High School, I have attempted to lead by example within the department, eventually becoming the Department Chair in 2017. Since then, I have acquired, implemented, and presented new and innovative teaching techniques to my peers in an attempt to improve instruction and make it more exciting for students. I have increased the department’s focus on college-readiness, focusing on high-level, engaging texts to most thoroughly prepare students for the rigors of more advanced classes in college. Most importantly, I have helped to foster an environment of familiarity, care, and mutual respect within his department and helped create a true community of professionals with one goal: the success of all students at WCHS through a rigorous English curriculum.

Region 7 Principal

Amber Adams
Morgan County Middle School

I am Amber Adams, a West Liberty native, serving in the capacity of Morgan County Middle School principal with previous experience as an elementary school principal and teacher of 14 years.  In my role as a parent of preschool, middle, and high school students, I  recognize the challenges facing today’s youth.  I believe that I could be a true asset to the Board of Directors based on my passion and relevancy as it relates to today’s educational system. My purpose for applying is to continue the established goals by the leadership in making positive changes, raise awareness of the importance of developing relationships between colleagues, students and parents within a school and district and celebrate the successes, no matter how small or great.. Additionally, I strive to advance my professional knowledge to better serve my school community. My personal career highlights would include my selection as Valvoline Teacher of the Year (2018), Superhero Individual Award from DCBS (2023), Woodmen Life Caring Award (2020) and KPrep Top 10 School in KY for academic growth (2019).  I value every opportunity to grow and advance my professional knowledge.  I consider my leadership to be positive, with excellent communication skills, strong governance and compassion for others.   Inquiry, creativity, progressiveness, efficiency and perseverance motivate me. Being selected to the KASC-SBDM Board of Directors would be an honor, as you would find a true representative of a school community in me.

Region 8 Principal

Melissa Turner
Prestonsburg Elementary

As an educator for twenty-two years, Melissa has been devoted to making education better for the children of Eastern Kentucky. She taught at Prestonsburg Elementary for fifteen years before moving into an administrative position. After four and half years as an assistant principal, she returned to Prestonsburg Elementary as the principal and is currently in her fourth year of her administrative role as principal. She is currently working toward her doctorate in Educational Leadership through Morehead State University where she is researching teacher retention through principal support. As the principal of an elementary school, Melissa utilizes and relies on the support of KASC and all its membership offers. Melissa is also an active member of KASA where she serves on the Government Relations Committee and the Leadership Challenge Steering Committee. She has recently presented at the Educational Law and Finance State Conference and the Southern Regional Education Board National Conference, as well as others. She resides in Prestonsburg with her fur baby, Mushu.

At-Large Director

Allene Houston Jones
Paducah Independent

Allene Houston Jones is currently serving on the board as an At Large Director for KASA. She is an educator with 29 years of experience with nine of those years with the Paducah Public Schools. She is the former Paducah Middle School Principal who now serves as the District Instructional Specialist. She would like to continue as a member on the board of directors because she believes that SBDM Councils are an asset to schools in the state of Kentucky. As a former middle school principal, she knows first-hand how valuable KASC is and would like to continue to be a voice for all teachers, administrators, and students in our region.

At Large Director

Bryan Flachbart
Bullitt County Public Schools

Bryan has been with FranklinCovey since 2021. He has been a school and district champion for education across the Commonwealth of Kentucky serving as a regular
education teacher, special education teacher, assistant principal, principal, and a district level instructional leader for 15 years. Bryan is passionate about growing leaders at every level and unleashing human potential with practices anchored
in the 7 Habits. Bryan lives in Central Kentucky with his wife and son.


At-Large Director

Carrie Wade
Williamstown Schools

I am a skilled educational professional with twenty-two years of experience in education. In my current role as District Curriculum Supervisor, I develop learning strategies and curriculum across the grade levels to remove barriers to student success and reach intended educational goals. I also have experience in assessment development, planning, and disaggregation of data as a former middle school assistant principal and elementary principal. My work experience also includes collaboration with school counselors in implementing multi-tiered systems of support and the development of curriculum and SEL frameworks based on evidence-based practices. I am passionate about education and firmly believe in the importance of providing students with a quality education that meets their individual needs. I believe that my diverse experience has given me a well-rounded perspective on the education system and the many challenges and opportunities that face schools and educators today.  As an at-large director for KASC, I would strive to represent the collegial strength of our region and encourage and empower current and aspiring school leaders to become members of this thriving organization. I believe that service as an at-large director would provide additional opportunities to celebrate the excellence that is taking place across the Commonwealth and challenge our communities to continue to strive for growth in our leadership endeavors in service to all students.

At-Large Director

D. Micheal Wilson
Cooper High School

My name is Michael Wilson.   I am the principal of Randall K. Cooper High School in Union, KY within the Boone County Schools in northern Kentucky.  I have served on the KASC Board of Directors for the past three years.   I enjoy collaborating with others from across our great state to help provide resources and timely information to all of our schools.