The 2021 General Assembly ended on March 30, 2021. New laws take effect in late June 2021, but bills with an emergency clause became effective immediately.

KASC focuses on bills we believe would have the most impact on education and/or are of high interest to our members — parents, teachers, and administrators. A final Legislative Summary will be provided in a few weeks to our members.

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Summary of KDE Covid-19 Guidance 2.0 and Superintendent Webinar Feb. 23


Free for members: The added information is highlighted in yellow. This KASC organizer (which is revised as KDE issues new guidance) has been compiled to help our members better understand and prioritize the work of SBDM Councils. The goal is to highlight the most pertinent SBDM responsibilities from all KDE COVID reopening documents. Log in to your member account download the latest copy.
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The current state timeline makes it appear that by May 25 it might be allowable for meetings to resume in person, but there hasn’t been guidance specifically about public groups like SBDM councils. We understand that beyond the general SBDM meetings, councils are weighing future options for interviewing.
An allowable time based on state guidelines is just the first step — there are still many other issues to consider before you would want to convene meetings in public.
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As a result of the COVID-19 emergency, the General Assembly enacted SB 150, which temporarily amended the open meetings law. School councils can conduct any meeting, regular or special, by using the video-teleconferencing law KRS 61.826. The Attorney General in an advisory opinion clarified that all video-teleconferencing meetings during this COVID time period must follow the notice requirements of the special meetings laws.  Thus, SBDM regular meetings using video-teleconferencing should send a notice with the meeting date, time, place, and attach an agenda, at least 24 hours before the regular meeting. The Attorney General said that even though the agenda is sent with the notice that the meeting is still a regular and not a special meeting. If the school council wants to discuss an item not on the original agenda, then the members can make this decision to amend the agenda during the regular meeting and record the action in the minutes.  Of course, special meetings must still only discuss items listed on the agenda attached to the meeting notice.

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KAS BundleKENTUCKY ACADEMIC STANDARDS BUNDLE Based on feedback from school leaders, KASC has taken the updated Kentucky Academic Standards and reformatted them in four ways (Checklists, Card Strips, Academic Standards Comparison, and Sortable Database). The easier-to-use formats allow the standards to be used in a variety of ways for different purposes. Download our flyer to learn more.

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